Concealed Stairs


When your staircase adjoins a wall, making the transition as smooth as possible tends to be the goal of most homeowners. This is where concealed stairs come in the stringer is hidden underneath the treads and risers, allowing them to butt right up to the plaster.

There are two ways to design concealed stairs in the GTA. The first is to place one side up against a wall; the other side of the stairs will feature a balustrade. The second is to place the stairs between two walls, creating an enclosed stairwell.

It is possible for a concealed stairs design to be open (meaning that there is a gap between the treads) or closed (meaning that there is a riser between the treads) depending on the overall look you're going for.

  • Suits any style, from contemporary to traditional
  • Treads can be open, closed or a mixture of both
  • Stairs can be carpeted, polished or a mixture of both
  • Treads can extend past the wall on one or both sides
Concealed stairs design  GTA Toronto, Oakville, Ottawa
Concealed stair designs  GTA Toronto, Oakville, Ottawa
Concealed staircase  GTA Toronto, Oakville, Ottawa
Concealed staircase design GTA Toronto, Oakville, Ottawa

More Types of Stairs

Open Stairs Type Renovations in Toronto, Missisauga, Brampton, Ottawa, Vancouver

Open Stairs

Homeowners opt for open stairs in Canada for two main reasons the first is because they can help the space to feel much larger than it actually is, and the second is that you can see through them to the space beyond (great for getting natural light into the stairwell).

Closed stairs renovations in the GTA, Ottawa, Vancouver, oakville, newmarket

Closed Stairs

Closed stairs in Canada are viewed as being the height of strength and safety. Closed staircases have the added appeal of providing functional space underneath for storage or bookshelves. Closed stairs designs are also very aesthetically pleasing, particularly in larger homes with plenty of wide open space.

Cut Stairs Renovations in Toronto, Missisauga, Oakville, Ottawa and Vancouver

Cut Stairs

Cut staircases often have a stringer that has been laid in a "zig zag" pattern with the treads exposed at either end (they usually overhang the stringer). The balustrade sits on top of the treads rather than the stringer, which results in a more open stairwell.


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